Hello there!

I am Mummy Chelle, I am a single mum to my little boy, who I so fondly call Bubba.

I love the arts. I draw, paint-- my favourite mediums are watercolor and coffee, I love DIY and crafting. I am also into Calligraphy. 

I was a teacher for almost 15 years before deciding to stay at home in December 2018.  I taught across levels from early years, primary years, and also in the collegiate level.

I was also a school counselor for some time before becoming a full-time mom.

Currently, I have an online soap bars business and is also a freelance content writer and blogger. At times I conduct workshops on arts, DIY, calligraphy, and coffee painting.

I am also very passionate about the environment.  I love mother Earth-- I try to live a low-waste lifestyle and avoid plastic and other single-use stuff as much as I could.

I created this blog, so I can share with you about my journey as a mother. I will also be writing about my experiences as a work-from-home mum. 

I will also write about blogging and will help mums (and dads) to begin their blogging journey.

I would like to get to know more about you as well.  Say "Hi," don't be shy!

Love and light,

Mummy Chelle


  1. Hi! I'm also a mum and staying at home. I would like to learn more about freelance writer and hiw to start one. Thanks

    1. Hi! Thanks for reaching out! please drop me an e-mail on chellebreyes@gmail.com