Fun and Engaging Activities For Preschoolers At Bright Discovery Child Development Center

COVID 19 has changed the face of education across the world.  The pandemic has caused schools to shut globally and children are out of the classroom.

The education sector has looked at the situation and suggested various modes of learning that may be utilized at this time, and there is a sudden rise of e-learning, that is teaching on digital platforms which may be done remotely.

With students being away from the classroom, this means that parents are spending more time looking after their children and are providing activities for young people to continue learning while at home. Many parents have opted to homeschool their children, which, for me, is the best alternative at this time. But some working parents may not be able to fully commit to a homeschooling set-up and this is where schools offering online learning classes come in handy.

It is still a big issue in the Philippines, as there are many families who may not be able to afford this type of learning mode. For those who have access to an online learning set-up, there are a number of schools and centers offering free trial classes so they may see if this is something that may work for their families.

I have been letting my son join trial classes done online to see if this is something that we may explore. I have decided to homeschool him on my own for now, but joining free trial online classes helps me with providing more varied activities for him.

One of the online camps we have tried is the Camp STREAM by Bright Discovery Child Development Center. A very close friend of mine sent his son to Bright Discovery Child Development Center before the pandemic, and she would always share about the exciting activities his son did at school.  My friend invited me to try the free learning camp, and I would say that the activities are fun, exciting, and child-led, which is the kind of learning I want for my son.

Here are some of the activities my child did for the 1st week of the virtual camp:






The instructions from the activity guide were very clear and allowed the children to explore the world around them. The integration of all the activities relating to a theme was planned so well so that the learnings can be seen as related and meaningful activities rather than just bits and pieces of activities for children to do. Bright Discovery provided questions that provoked ideas, questions,  and actions that I believe helped the learners to expand on the topic for the week.

It's only been a week, and my son has already enjoyed and learned so much. We are looking forward to this week's camp activities. We hope that you could join as at Bright Discovery.

Bright Discovery Child Development Center is Reggio Emilia-inspired child development center offering child-led learning programs for emergent children ages 1.8 to 4.11 years old. If you would like to check out their activities and programs for the incoming school year, do give them a message on their Facebook account or in the contact details provided below:

0995 976 4232

*This blog post is not a paid advertisement for the school. I only wanted to share about my son's splendid experience with the activities that Bright Discovery provided.


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