It's Plastic -Free July, Forgo Single-Use Plastic!

Last year, I made a personal commitment to try to go zero-waste as much as possible. I even started an eco-friendly shampoo and soap bars business that offers a much lower price than others in the market in the hope to influence others to also try to go zero-waste.

Did I succeed? I now live a low-waste lifestyle, trying to ditch single-use plastic. I have influenced a few, but I feel that there's still more that can be done. I am still learning a lot of things and trying my level best.

Convenience vs. Sustainability

I read about so many other eco-mom blogs, all saying, "IT-CAN-BE-DONE." So I right away joined in the bandwagon and said, "Yay! I'll do it! 100%  all for it!"

Guess what? I tried, but I felt that I failed miserably. Especially with a little boy around, you know, all those disposable stuff for the messy toddler- wipes and nappies, and the like. Wipes and disposable diapers end up in the landfill. A baby may need about 6 nappy change in a day. How many days in a week do we have? And how many babies are born every day all over the world? Do you ever think about it? 

I tried cloth diapering my baby, sadly, I managed to do it only for 3 months. As a single mum, who barely gets any help, who worked for hours on end, day in and out, I can hardly keep up with myself, let alone washing soiled diapers. Yes! Convenience!

We all would like to choose the easy way. We all think that if it is convenient, then it is good; it will keep our sanity.  I will be writing more about sustainability while having a young child soon.  For now, I'll tell you more about why I am writing this blog.

Plastic-Free July, then what?

We're halfway through 2019.  In this time and day, we all go about our days posting stuff on social media. We post about every single thing we do with hashtags.  We join online challenges for fun. 

Here's the thing, you do whatever floats your boat.  I just have one plea, when you do something, consider the environment.

This July, I invite you to do the Plastic-Free July challenge with me and join millions of people doing their share in trying to lessen their plastic waste.

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Plastic-Free July is a global movement helping millions of people take part in the solution to plastic pollution in the aim to have cleaner streets, oceans, and beautiful communities.

As I have mentioned, I tried to go zero-waste and zero-plastic, but I will be a hypocrite to claim that I managed so well with it because I did not, I still could not.  Plastic use has been so pervasive, but we can do our own little share and try to become more sustainable by eliminating, at least, single-use plastic.

If you would like to be a part of the movement, I have here a few tips to share so that we can all be Earth warriors in our own little ways.

Here are my 5 tips for a successful plastic-free July:

1. Ditch the plastic straws, utensils, and cups.

I do not even mean to say buy new reusable straws, containers, and cutleries; use what you already have at home, and you may just drink straight away from the cup, because why not?

I think that if we need to buy more new things because we want to help the environment, then it beats the purpose of living a low-waste lifestyle. If you already have your reusable straw, cups, and containers, then just be more vigilant in bringing it with you so you would not have to ask for plastic straws and disposables when you dine out.

Some stores would still refuse customers who bring in their own stuff, maybe, try to eat at more sustainable restaurants that do not use disposable utensils and food containers.

2. Use naked shampoo bars

Once you finish your regular shampoo in plastic bottle containers, opt for naked shampoo bars which are safer and more gentle for your hair, scalp, and the environment. 

If you are in the Philippines, Ecocen Naturals has shampoo bars which contain shea butter, jojoba oil, argan oil, and scented oils.  Each 80-gram bar is deep-cleansing and may last up to 60 plus washes.

3. Always bring a reusable shopping bag

Plastic material is so durable that is why it is one of the most used materials anywhere in the world. According to an article written by Rick Leblanc, plastic items can take up to 1000 years to decompose in landfills.  But the plastic bags we use in our every day lives may take up to 10-1000 years to decompose, while plastic bottles take 450 years or more to decompose.

Just by being aware of these, I believe no one person shall be left unconverted when it comes to using plastic bags when we do our shopping or grocery.

So please, bring your own bags.

4. Do the challenge with a buddy

It's going to be fun to do with a friend, family, or even your schoolmates or workmates.  Just do not beat each other up when you fall short, at least you are accountable for each other and of course for mother Earth.

5. Just do what you can

What you do, despite how small you think it is, is better than not doing anything at all.  The problem is that some people think that they cannot do anything anymore about an issue so huge. The first step is acknowledging that there is a problem and then acting on a solution.  We cannot ignore the problem, it is not going away; it is not going to get better if we will ignore and do nothing.

Like what I said, do not beat yourself up if you feel that you fall short. Just do your best. We all can do something, so let us all do what we can.

Let us forgo single-use plastic this July and let's hope to make this a habit in the months to come.  Who's with me? 


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