My Biggest Giveaway Win To Date: A Dining Table from Dream Space

Woohoo! I Won A Giveaway.

Hey everyone, I am so thrilled to share with you about Dream Space, Home Improvement.

I came across Dream Space page on Facebook while I was searching for some DIY pages. I love almost everything they post about home improvement, and quite luckily, I learned about them while they are hosting a giveaway (and yes, it's ongoing guys!).

Let's Talk About The Dream Space Giveaway

I came across the Dream Space page on Facebook as I was searching for some D-I-Y home improvement pagesDream Space is a Home Improvement Digital Portal showcasing the latest innovations and advancement in the field of home improvement. They help their clients to make their dream home space come true.

Dream Space posted about the giveaway and they said that they will randomly select 4 lucky Facebook page followers and Digital Magazine subscribers to have a chance to win a free home area makeover.  The first 2 winners have already been announced.  The first winner won a free bedroom makeover, while the second winner will be having her own workspace upgrade for free courtesy of Dream Space and their sponsors.

My Surprise Giveaway Win

I was so happy when my close friend who was also following the Dream Space page told me that I was selected as a lucky top fan to win a piece of furniture from them. I had some choices to choose from: a single bed, a center table, or a 6-seater dining table.

I was so overwhelmed because I was just dreaming of getting a new table for our family. Our wobbly table was almost about to give way. Dream Space literally made my dreams come true! 

I received a message from Dream Space telling me that I'll be receiving a classy Narra-base table from them courtesy of the brilliant furniture makers of Crazy Canopy Furniture Manufacturing by June 12, 2020. I told my mum about it, and she was overjoyed.

Crazy Canopy is a local furniture manufacturer and contractor located at the heart of Lipa City, Batangas.

I was ecstatic. I didn't think I could ever afford a Narra table, but I have one now, and it was exactly what our family needed! Thanks to Dream Space and Crazy Canopy!

Meeting The Lovely People of Dream Space 

On the morning of June 12, a little over 8 am, my mum and I got to meet the Dream Space team, Sir Jeff of Dream Space, Sir Jay of Crazy Canopy Furniture Manufacturing, and their respective teams. I did not manage to get everybody else's name, there were about 7 of them who came to deliver my new furniture. 

Everyone from Dream Space and Crazy Canopy Furniture Manufacturing all very nice and happy people. You could see their smiles behind their face masks; we were all wearing masks to keep ourselves protected from possible COVID19 threat.

They were quick at setting up the table and then we said our thank you and well-wishes for each other. They had to put the table in its place quickly and then they also left at once.

Cavite, where I'm from, is still under a quarantine implementation, so we could not afford long chit-chats that day. We managed to take quick photos though.

My Biggest Giveaway Win To Date: A Beautiful Dining Table from Dream Space and Crazy Canopy Furniture Manufacturing

Check out my gorgeous, beautifully crafted table from Crazy Canopy Furniture Manufacturing and Dream Space:

I could not be thankful enough for this blessing. During this pandemic, while people are locked down in their homes, businesses like Dream Space and Crazy Canopy provided people with hope in their hearts to dream even during these trying times, because dreams still do come true.

If you are or if you know of anyone looking for home improvement consultations, you might want to check or refer Dream Space as they work with very talented contractors who might just make your Dream Space come true!

You may contact Dream Space here:

You may also contact Crazy Canopy Furniture Marketing here:

Facebook: Crazy Canopy


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