FAITH UNWAVERED: A Holy Week Observance Amidst A Global Pandemic

It is Holy Week. Almost a month into the Enhanced Community Quarantine, affected Filipinos have been finding ways to live their lives as usual as possible. With limited movement during the pandemic, the Filipino faithful will not be hindered in practicing their faith.

As most traditional Lenten activities have been canceled, Filipinos have opted to attend eucharistic celebrations online and pray in their homes.

My son and I pray the rosary together with our friends via Zoom or Facebook Messenger. We also attend online masses during the enhanced community quarantine. Having people with the same faith share a prayer together feels uplifting, especially during a time like this, however, communication with God on a more personal level is encouraged not just during the Holy Week or during a crisis.

We have attended the Palm Sunday Online mass at the Manila Cathedral's Facebook Page. Here are the rest of the scheduled live stream Holy Week services:

grabbed from The Manila Cathedral Facebook Page

The Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) calls the faithful to pray more than ever as we observe Holy Week and as we are faced with the coronavirus crisis.  Filipino Catholics can attend the Holy Week activities through an online Visita Iglesia

As we turn virtual even with prayers at this time, let us not forget that our relationship with God is a personal one. Pray at any time. Pray harder amidst the pandemic. We do not have to wait for Holy Week to express our faith, or even for an epidemic to be united with others in prayers. Let us always pray for our families, communities, our nation, and the whole world.

At this time of uncertainty, let us pray for calm and serenity.

While there is a plethora of information relating to the pandemic, whether they are correct or not, let us pray for discerning heart and mind.

When we are anxious, especially these days, pray to God to slow down our racing thoughts.

If we are able, let us pray that we will be more giving.

Pray that we will be able to love despite the social distancing knowing that love casts out fears.

This Holy Week, I urge all my friends, family, my readers, despite the difference in faith groups, to pray harder.  This is a time of prayer.


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