Class Suspensions and Online Learning Amidst COVID19

COVID19, Class Suspensions, and Online Learning

Earlier, my colleagues and I were discussing utilizing online classrooms and online digital resources to push through with our lessons despite the class suspensions due to COVID19. Many schools, especially in Metro Manila, have started doing this. I know that this may be one right solution to not interrupt classes and learning, but I realized that this will not be accessible to everyone.

Education Modernization System and Digital Inequality

I teach in a state university, and I have asked my students to be prepared for online sessions, but as most of them were affirmative, others were worried that they might be able to miss some sessions due to lack of access to devices and the internet. I started to reflect on the part that as much as we want to push through modernization in education, digital inequality may hamper what is supposed to be a brilliant idea of classroom innovation.

I cannot help but think that this is another related story of a socio-economic disparity. At times like these, only those who may be privileged enough to buy devices and afford an internet connection will be able to ensure that they don’t miss their (online) classes.

Are We Ready?

I am not here to rant about the suggestion of distance learning, it is doable, but others might get left behind. There are many platforms to choose where to do your digital classrooms. A few that I have previously used are Google Classroom, Google Hangouts, Moodle, Edmodo, Skype, Zoom, and of course, the one I find most accessible for my students-- Facebook groups and Messenger.

With about almost everybody having a Facebook page, it is easier to get everybody to join closed groups where live teaching sessions may be conducted and where resources may also be uploaded and shared. Live sessions may also be recorded and saved for later viewing for those who may not have immediate access to courses as scheduled. Furthermore, Facebook Messenger is also accessible in the Philippines using free network data.

What Do We Do?

This will still be really challenging for those who may not have laptops or gadgets. With the enhanced community quarantine, it might not even be possible to pair up students without access to those with access for peer learning opportunities. However, we all still need to try and make do with what we have and what we can.

As an educator, I cannot just wait for COVID19 to come to an end before I do something.  So to all my students, as we stay at home, let us try to do things worth our while. I will soon be setting up closed Facebook groups to conduct classes and share resources. If there will ever be any issues with regards to access, we will speak about it whenever we can. Let us just find means if we are able.

I fervently pray that the COVID19 ends soon. For now, let us all be part of the solution. STAY AT HOME and follow the quarantine measures.

This, too, shall pass.



  1. Indeed, ma’am! I cannot stress enough how accurate all of what you have said with regards to our current situation is. Always Praying and hoping for the best. We all are grateful to those who put their all in order to aid the needs of every people in trying times like these, and you, our teachers, are some of them. Thank you for trying to find ways so students can still catch up with lessons and things to do in school. God bless, ma’am Chelle and mag iingat po palagi ��

    1. Thanks nak, gotta do what we gotta do. All the best for PH especially during our trying times. Ingat kayong lahat.