This is long overdue, and I am finally, finally doing it. I am now a full-time stay-at-home mumma!

Back in March 2018, I wrote about my dilemma of being a working mother. The situation that I am a single mother with quite a load of tasks at my previous workplace and at the same time finding it difficult to find a caretaker/ nanny for my child really took so much toll on my sanity.  My son's also a very active boy and he really always waited for me to be home from work and demanded my time.

In December 2018, I finally had the courage to speak to my boss and inform him of my personal situation, and he was quite understanding about it. Fast forward to now, here I am, finally being a full-time mumma to my bubba.

I can't help but recall how it has been such a roller coaster ride for me giving birth in August 2016 and returning to work a month after my operation. I gave birth via Cesarean Section (CS) delivery, and it would have to take for a CS mum 2 months or so before she could get back to work. In my case, I had to work after a month against my OB's instructions because as a single parent, I needed to be able to provide right away for my little boy.

I recall having to go back home every 2 hours so I can breastfeed my child, luckily, work was close by, and I was on a job order status whereby I can teach and go depending on my teaching hours and schedules. I left my boy with my mother as I work. At times, I was able to manage to pump and collect my breast milk, but most times then my supply was not enough and was dipping low due to work stress, maybe. It was challenging, really. By the 2nd month, I would almost always bring my boy to work while I teach because my mother also had other things to mind about especially when my late father got very weak because of his illness. When my boy turned 3 months, my milk supply was terribly low to none, and so I had to give him formula. Having to give him formula milk meant extra expenses. His father helped with hospital check-ups, and we would take turns buying his formula milk. His daddy gets to see him whenever possible. I had to hire a nanny to help my mother look after my boy so that I can focus on work. I had to work.

When he turned 1, it was even more difficult to leave for work as he cried hard every morning whenever I had to leave early. For 2 years, I've had several nannies to help us, but due to personal reasons, they each left after a few months. Most times then, when the nanny was out, bubba would have to follow me to work. It was routinary, my son also got used to following me to work that he called it his school. As I tagged him along, I would hear of people commenting about my work ethics and all. I kept mum because I know the workplace was not a place for my toddler, still, I had to do my job. Even if he was already on the bottle, my boy would still latch on to me most times, so I breastfed him even during classes.

It was really tough to juggle the roles I had as a teacher/ school counselor and as a mother. I know many others have more roles to play than just these, but we all have different situations. I tried as much as I could, and my turning point was when I was already becoming less and less effective as a teacher and as a mother because either one of the roles was taking so much of my time. I did not want to short change my students but more than that I am a mother first.

It was a leap of faith. With only my online soapbar biz to support us, I decided to stay at home so I could be with my boy. I currently keep on searching for work from home opportunities to add to my income stream.

I have apprehensions, mainly because I am a single mother; but with this fear aside, I can say that this is by far the best decision I have made for me and my boy to date. It is so heartwarming to see his daily progress and his milestones. I am especially happy seeing him wake up happy in the morning because he knows I am gonna stay with him for the rest of the day and every day. I do give him the pep talk too that I do need mummy time and would need work one of these days, so we have money to sustain us. I am so amazed as I discover about the things my son is already able to do at 2.

My mummy heart is thrilled about the coming days. I will tell you more about my days with the Bubba soon.


Mummy Chelle